Military Training To Put Your Body In Tune

No one escapes that the special forces and elite corps are physically very well prepared to face all the challenges that their work requires. To achieve this, your training must be very intense. We are going to know how we can carry out military training (Boot Camp ) and get all its benefits.

At Portland Fitness Bootcamp, you have personal trainers to ask if you have questions about which type of training is best for you. 

Boot Camp Fitness What Is It

They are high-intensity workouts, performed mostly outdoors, with a trainer or monitor to guide the session, and which is based on workouts carried out by the military.

Given the high demand for these workouts, they are not recommended for beginners. Some previous physical form is required, and if you suffer from any chronic disease or hypertension or cardiocirculatory problems, you should first ask your doctor. You should also check if you are a regular athlete, but have just come out of an injury.

High-intensity training is combined with sprint intervals and bodyweight exercises and cardio exercises. You can also use kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, tires, ropes.

Boot camp what is it for

  • They do not weight loss oriented workouts, but they produce a high caloric expenditure.
  • It is a complete sport, in which all muscle groups exercise and work.
  • It is an aerobic sport, so it accelerates blood flow, improves lung work, and resistance to effort.
  • It is a bodybuilding sport, so it tones and strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • It also improves flexibility by up to 40%.
  • Facilitates concentration and attention.
  • It favors the global care of the body.
  • Helps release stress and anxiety.
  • It puts the athlete in extreme situations, which can help him psychologically to overcome obstacles.

It is done in a group, so it helps socialization.

Eating before and after a boot camp fitness session

As it is an intense workout, it is advisable to arrive with full energy stores, for which you must eat at least two hours before your session, foods rich in complex carbohydrates (rice, pasta or whole grains) and some fruit. In addition, it is important that you hydrate yourself properly (between 250 and 500 ml of water, little by little during the hour before starting).

To recover, you can take some nuts or a turkey sandwich or yogurt, which provides you with some protein. And again, you must rehydrate.

Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to training and drink continuously in small sips. These tips brought to you by Painters Portland.

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