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The Power of Celebrating Little Victories at Boot Camp

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Celebrate every little victory… it all adds up!

Feeling Defeated.

That’s a powerful emotion that can put the BRAKES on your progress.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It all comes down to a fundamental SHIFT in the way you approach your successes at Boot Camp.

See, some will get going and measure some successes.  When they analyze how they feel about it though…the feelings come from looking at how far they feel they have to go to reach their goal.  If it looks “far” enough away, it produces an instant pang of defeat.

Others will get going and then look at how far they’ve come.  And that produces a feeling of victory.

And the secret is: it is just a HABIT  you can cultivate.  Yes, a habit.  One that works automatically once you practice it repeatedly.

The key is to celebrate each milestone, no matter how seemingly small.  By making this a general practice, you deposit each little victory dance into your personal “happiness bank account”.  The good news is: you can make a withdrawal on this bank account any time you feel a little pang of discouragement.  That provides an instant mood lift.  And over time, you will develop the HABIT of feeling good about yourself.  Which, of course, feeds back into greater feelings of self-love.  Which feeds the fire for future victories.

It’s a cycle.  And it’s one you can control.

Start today!

Here’s what to do: begin writing a list of all the successes you’ve had.  It makes no difference how small or big the victory is… only that you acknowledge it.

Then, read each one aloud and FEEL the success.  You can then read them any time… and the list of Potent Reminders of your Success Grows every time you add to the list!

Rise to the challenge.  Just doing this will be a victory in itself.

Now go dance a victory dance!


  • Erin Mick
    September 2, 2014

    That was/is powerful to read. I just happened to take a break and look at my e-mail. Timing was spot on. A good reminder. Thanks Daniel.

    • Daniel
      September 8, 2014

      Thank you, Erin! So glad it makes sense to you. So grateful to know you.

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