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Sneaky Fitness Tips for Busy Folks…

Summer is winding down.

For parents, it’s back to school.

We’re all busy!

So on AM Northwest this morning I shared some simple ways to SNEAK in workout moves into your normal routine.

I was short on time in the segment so here are some details:

1.  The other day I read an idea online about perfomr plank holds, kneeling pushups etc in bed because it is an unstable surface.  I can say that would definitely wake you up!  Here’s what I do daily though:  First I write the alphabet with my feet.  Before I set them on the floor.  Since these are the first bits of me to get moving, I get them good and warmed up first.  This keeps the joints mobile.

Then I sit up and deep breathe while rolling my wrists, elbows, and shoulders.  Then I use the roller like the video above.

2.  Balance while brushing your teeth.  Simply balance on each leg for 30 seconds.  This is good hygene and balance practice rolled into one.  And it’s perfect if you wear heels.

The thing is we are reinforcing either good or bad posture ever minute we are awake.  So while you are at it, stand with abs on, and use good posture.

3.  The drive in.  At every stop light, sit up straight and flex your gluts and abs for at least 10 seconds.  Work your way up over the weeks until you can hold the flexes at every light, for the whole light.

Of course, you can do this while sitting and watching TV, stainding in a grocery line etc.

4.  At work.  The big killer is being sedentary.  Sitting at your desk for 8 hours (checking Facebook! Ha!)  takes a toll on your health and backside.  So here’s the fix.  Set your phone or an app to chime on the hour.  When it chimes, stand and work from a stainding position for at least 10 minutes.  Maybe a standing desk?

Firs stand and then hold a full body flex while you dep breath for about 30 seconds.  Then breathe deeply as you work.  You can also make a list of exercises like pushups, squats and planks you can do for 20 reps or so once per hour.  At the end of the day you will have done a full hour of workout.

5.  Before dinner go for a run or brisk walk for 30 minutes.  Eat.  Walk again, slowly, after dinner for 30 minutes.  It will help you digest your food and you’ll feel great.

Honestly, the list of sneaky ways to keep your body moving, throughout an otherwise busy and sedentary day, is a mile long.   But there are a few to get you started.  Use your imagination and come up with more. :)

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