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  • Six months later, I’ve lost over 20 pounds…

    “I eat (and enjoy!) healthier food, drink far less alcohol (but still have fun at parties), am the strongest and thinnest I’ve been as an adult, and feel really great about myself and my progress. I continue to be inspired by Daniel and by other women in boot camp, and truly enjoy each and every morning, no matter how tough boot camp may be! I can’t recommend boot camp enough – it’s been life changing.” – Janet

  • I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6.

    “I recently went to a conference with folks who hadn’t seen me since last summer, and I was literally surrounded by double-takes and dropped jaws – the change was that extreme. If you work the program, the program really works. ” – Chrissy

  • …over 14 inches and 70lbs in 6 months.

    “Daniel provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to start my journey. He has been there every day as a cheerleader motivating me to keep my head in the game. If you follow exactly what Daniel says and push yourself everyday in boot camp harder then you have ever pushed yourself before, you too can drop over 14 inches and 70 pounds in 6 months. Daniel WILL change your life and you will have a BLAST along the way.” – Daryn

  • After the first four week session my clothes fit differently… I am a size SIX from a size 10!

    “More than my physical shape though… I feel great mentally everyday and my confidence has shot through the roof. Now it is not a “weight thing” it’s a life thing. It’s about making my health the priority and watching the rest fall into place. I am a very happy girl! ” – Christine

  • I have lost 20 lbs and gone from a size 12+ to a size 6!

    ” I joined Daniel’s Adventure Boot Camp for Women and quickly became addicted! The workouts are fun, energetic and ever-changing plus the women in class are exceptionally supportive and motivating. I began to see results almost immediately.” – Theresa

  • From a Size 12 to Size 8, 15lbs lost, and 150% Lung Capacity of a Younger Woman

    “More importantly, I have gained back the strength to hike, run, and jump. I went from an 11-minute mile to an 8.5-minute mile.” – Julie

  • Look and Feel Younger.

    Do you look in the mirror and think, “This is the best I’ll ever look and feel…and it’s all downhill from here!”?

    Well now it’s your turn to look and feel amazing! Join Portland Adventure Boot Camp today and achieve “See-It-In-the-Mirror Results” in just 20 workouts or less.

    You’ll get professional guidance. You’ll enjoy a FUN, non-judgmental, super-motivating environment. And you’ll meet supportive women of all shapes, ages, and fitness levels.

  • Last month, I finally bought new clothes and I bought a size 4. Are you kidding me?!?!?

    “I love the people, the vibe, and, of course, Daniel’s antics at 5:30am. But seriously, I feel stronger than I ever have, for sure. ” – Tammy

  • 40 pounds and 6 pants sizes smaller I’m still going because I love it so much…

    “This Bootcamp class feels more like a fun sport to me and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. ” – Jen

  • “Daniel and the other trainers are genuinely interested in each individual’s goals

    I really enjoy seeing new people attend and watch their faces light up as they start to realize their potential and see their own transformations taking place.” – Chops

  • Four pant sizes and 32 pounds later…

    “Before I started boot camp, the only exercise I’d had was high school marching band.
    I knew that I had to make some changes in my life when my doctor uttered the words, ‘you’re not too overweight.’ So, I made a goal that I would get in shape before my 35th birthday. Four pant sizes and 32 pounds later my body is strong and can do things I never thought possible. This has truly changed my life.” – Jennifer

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At Portland Boot Camp, Every Woman Receives Extraordinary Training — In a FUN, Safe Environment, With Caring Coaches”

This is no ordinary boot camp fitness class.  Portland Adventure Boot Camp for Women is the Proven, Members-Only “Transformation System” for women of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels.

You get all the guidance and support you need to get as fit & trim as you choose…without silly diets, pills, or gimmicks .

It is FUN!  It really works. 

And its 100% Guaranteed - or Your Money Back


Feeling STRONG, confident, and energized all day.

Picture yourself fitting into the clothes you want to wear.   And loving your reflection in the mirror.

You can do it!   Just like all the real women you’ve seen in our success stories.

Get Rapid Results that Last
You’ll get visible results in your first 4 weeks and then continue transformng your health and physique faster than you might yet believe. (Age or experience isn’t an issue.)

Everything You Need is Included With Membership
Members get regularly scheduled PRIVATE diagnostic consultations,  massive social support, access to our private online community, free weekly bonus sessions, personalized food programming around your health goals; using foods you prefer – and much more.  And, yes you get to eat carbs and STILL slim down.)

It’s FUN!
We like to have a good time and keep it fresh…so every workokut session is different.  You’ll work with fitness “toys” like ropes, balls, punching bags, bands, boxes, dumbbells, and everything inbetween.  All in a clean, private, professional, climate-controlled facility.

Everything is Included
We’ll hold you accountable, teach you the 6 components of fitness, and deliver inspring and challenging sessions.   You’ll get everything you need to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be — as fast as science allows.

Your Success and Satisfaction are 100% Guaranteed
You’re going to LOVE the younger, happier, more energetic you. In fact, we guarantee it.

Yes, Portland Boot Camp requires honest effort. But it’s fun and it really works. For women ready to bet on themselves, the results can last a lifetime. It’s the last women’s fitness program you’ll ever need, to feel the best you ever have.

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Wow! I feel great mentally every day and my confidence has shot through the roof” ” – Christine H.