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From PABC Founder Daniel Iversen:

What a wonderful 20 year ride it was as a Fitness Coach! I’m truly grateful to all my amazing clients over the years. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and allowing me to help you along the way. It was bittersweet when we closed our doors in July 2015.  So many memories.  So many success stories.  

What I loved most about Coaching witnessing the MENTAL transformations.  Yes, the thousands of physical transformations were deeply inspiring.  Yet, it was always the mental side of transformation which excited me most.  All success stories started with removing mental/physical/emotional/social blocks…setting them free to achieve their clear goals.  The good news is: there is a science to this.  And I have been trained to Coach the science of happiness.

So, I’ve changed my career path to focusing on the mental side of life.  Instead of personal training, I now help people achieve lives of fulfillment, meaning, and abiding happiness.  

Yes, You Can.  It really is possible to feel happy and fulfilled nearly all of the time.  I’m living proof.  I’ve taken myself from the depths of failure and despair to waking up excited about the day, enjoying my days, and living a life of passion and fulfillment.  You too can achieve this…and I can show you how in a non-judgmental, strategic and professional way.

I’ll soon be taking this website down.  Meanwhile, if you would like to discover more about achieving a happier and more fulfilling life you may contact me: [email protected]